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Adaptive Traffic Management Solution

Predictive Drive Technology

BlueSignal's "Predictive Driving" technology analyzes the data collected from various sources such as real-time traffic, vehicles, and road infrastructure, and it predicts the future traffic conditions based on its unique ML and AI engine. The engine based on the big data analysis with traffic engineering elements can generate appropriate solutions for reducing traffic congestion and accidents, and it has high prediction accuracy.


Unlike the existing sensor-based forecasting solutions, the most important advantage is that it uses the technology of combinations of ML and AI-based algorithm, big data analysis, and transportation theories. It has world-class competitiveness in terms of reducing the cost and improving the accuracy for the areas of traffic management and information services.


Adaptive Traffic Management Technology, is a software algorithm that can:  

  1. predict traffic conditions from two mins to two days in the future,  

  2. link the information to wireless communication systems embedded in vehicles to alert drivers of alternative routes that may save time and may be less congested with less risk of accidents.

  3. control traffic signals to improve the flow of traffic

The data inputs for the algorithm come from existing traffic Big Data and hardware sensors placed on traffic signals and near congested areas to monitor traffic flow.

Our technology was invented as a traffic control solution which could be used by city governments to improve traffic flow and safety as well as by drivers and businesses with time critical delivery requirements to be able to choose the quickest and safest routes to desired locations.

Safe Driving Advisor

A major car manufacturer has engaged Bluesignal to perform a trial to determine if improved traffic data can be provided to their customers while driving their cars.

Companies wants to use the technology to provide more information to the driver.
The technology provides multiple route possibilities, compares risk rate or accident rate, whether a route may take longer or be safer.

Predictive Congestion

Our innovative technology is designed to predict future traffic status from two hours to two days in advance, by analysing stored traffic information. Our solution analyses existing Big Data on traffic to improve the traffic flow. Our product can predict future traffic complexity by analysing the existing traffic data

Signal Optimizer

Our innovative ideas came from the experience of having to wait for excessive periods at traffic signals. We wanted to have smarter signal systems to solve traffic problems and reduce traffic jams. Our BlueSignal Solution is adaptable to the signal-light systems of both old and new cities. By using the BlueSignal Solution to control urban traffic information, cities will reduce expenses significantly.


BlueSignal’s traffic prediction will be one of the essential technologies until the global transportation system gets into the days of complete autonomous environment. Particularly, as such prediction technology interacts with the traffic signal system and automobiles, it is evaluated to be highly effective in improving the prediction accuracy and traffic flow.

BlueSignal is currently carrying out the collaborative tests with several leading automobile manufacturers for implementing the State-of-Art traffic prediction system.


Predictive Solutions for Your Industry


Predictive Drive predicts the future collision risk and traffic states of roads sections. With predicted information, ”Predictive Drive” provides the driver advisory services such as risk-based route guidance, collision warning service, long-term collision warning service, and speed advisory services.

For the further improvement of driving comfort and safety of automated vehicles, these services enhance the control algorithm of longitudinal and lateral movement of automated vehicles with predicted traffic and collision risk information.


For these services, ”Predictive Drive” consists of four main bodies 0) PCRM, 1) TPCW, 2) TPCC, and 3) RPLC


When the user selects the desired origin and destination, the service provides an optimal route and an alternative route for the journey. On the right, the graphs show collision risk, congestion level of the two routes, as well as the estimated arrival time based on different departure times.


This service provides the efficiency and safety levels of the suggested routes, by comparing their collision risk and estimated travel time.


The user to secure safety may select route 2, and the user to secure efficiency may select route 1.


BlueSignal solutions are the new technology of the next generation, the ITS, which has so many possibilities to develop and expand.

Our architecture is expected to apply the C-ITS business (C-ITS is next generated ITS technology.)

Also, This solution can give crossroad information and situations to the Connected car and Self –driving business.

Next Autonomous Vehicle Tech


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The ITS market is comprised of a broad range of technologies relating to different modes of transportation and traffic management which enables various users to be better informed
and make safer, more coordinated, and 'smarter' use of transportation networks.

The market interest in Bluesignal’s Adaptive Traffic Management Solution was significant.

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Our Offices



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