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Infiniti Lab introduces the Smart Mobility Program

The day we no longer fear a flat tyre, we know whom to thank, at least partially

SINGAPORE - The next time you have a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere, left stranded and wondering what to do, there's a high chance you can thank Infiniti for being rescued.

Rick Robinson, co-Founder of (yes that’s dot ly, though read as Urgently), has created an application that aids in delivering the quickest and safest roadside assistance to car owners. Not only do you receive a response within a few minutes, real-time assistance tracking comes as part of the application. This innovation is part of Infiniti’s Smart Mobility program, a competition for budding start-ups and app developers to present each of their creations to help make driving more pleasurable. Innovation ideas presented include connected cars, which encourages car-to-car connection with the use of cameras and sensors to prevent accidents, and data-driven concepts to predict actual-time road congestions daily.

Shortlisted from 120 participating teams at the initial stage, seven innovations from around the world have been chosen to receive mentorship from Nest Venture Capital (a firm which specialises in developing start-ups). Over an intensive course of eight weeks, the teams will work alongside experts from Infiniti to further develop each of their innovations. By the end of the program, each new innovation will secure a chance to pitch for an investment opportunity with Renault and Mitsubishi – Infiniti’s alliance partners – and Nissan, their parent company. For what it’s worth, we intend to keep our fingers crossed that an application like may soon be available to car owners in Singapore – just because it wouldn’t hurt being able to summon help when our ride decides to give up on us when we least expect it. - CARMEN ROSSO

[For more details, visit:]

7 startups (CarForce, Ryde, KATSANA, Pantonium Inc, Savari Inc., BlueSignal, and Roadside Assistance) for the global launch of Infiniti Lab's Smart Mobility program!

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